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Wuhan Yude Boiler Technology Research Institute is a known energyholdings group specializing in research institutions of nitrate removaltechnology, environmental technology industrial technology, energy saving reconstruction of boiler boiler flue gas desulfurization of low NOx combustion coal boiler, is located in Optics Valley China "" said the Optics Valley Wuhan East Lake hi tech Development Zone International plaza. Here a college bristly, is one of the most intensive areas China intelligence.

      Disciplinary advantage Wuhan Yude boiler technology research institute with Huazhong University of Science and Technology,Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of energy and power engineering, Tongji University School of architecture planning and other university units formed a good relationship of cooperation,formed by Professor, doctor, Master graduate students is the core of the powerful R & D team, the existing Professor 4 people, senior engineer 3 people, Dr. the graduate student 5 people, 18 people graduate.

      Wuhan Yude Boiler Technology Research Institute of adhering to the "pursuit of excellence, to create a legend" the enterprise idea,positioning high-end brand, adhere to the quality technical productline, put forward contract energy management new solutions, withtheir enjoyment of the national patent technology provides thefeasibility study of the boiler burner for electric power enterprises,design, manufacturing, installation transformation, cold test and hot commissioning of the integration contract energy management services.

      Wuhan Yude Boiler Technology Research Institute devoted to new technology in the field of energy development and market development, mainly includes:

1> low nitrogen combustion technology of coal fired boiler

2> energy saving technology of industrial boiler

3> denitration technology of boiler flue gas desulfurization